Territorial Aggression Problems

Problem (Territorial Aggression) :

My dog, who is in every other situation a pussy cat, is over defensive and aggressive when it comes to territory. Especially in his yard and while inside the car. I’ve heard that territorial dogs are more prone to bite. Should I be worried? What can I do?

Solution Ideas:

Every lovable canine has natural instincts to guard the pack’s boundaries. It is instinctive for canines to bark or even growl at strangers when confined to a yard or automobile. However, this aggressive behavior can often lead to more severe problems if not handled correctly. Most territory aggression problems can be successfully controlled with intensive and regular socialization exercises. Teach your canine companion to walk on a loose leash around other people and dogs. Join a group obedience class. Work your dog in and around his yard. Remember it’s your yard, you are the alpha of the pack! Try to ease your canine’s aggression and emotions with positive training methods. Use a toy or food reward to relax your dog in aggressive situations. Use ‘super praise’ when your canine displays a relaxed body posture. Teach the ‘quiet’ command, and practice the ‘come’ command in aggressive situations. Stay in charge of your canine with obedience training and socialize everyday to ensure a friendly companion for all!